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EU/General Election


DEADLINE FOR APPLYING: Sunday, 28th of April 2019 at 23.59 CET

WHEN: 25-26th of The coordination team is expected to be available on the full day of the election, which will be held on May 26. In the days leading up to the election, there will be substantial preparation, including training of observers.

Silba is looking for several coordinators for the EOM to the Parliamentary election in Denmark, which is expected to be held on May 26, in conjunction with the EU Parliamentary elections*. Do you wish to learn more about the recent developments in a domestic and international political context? And do you have previous experience as an International Election Observer or do you have flair for project management? Then apply today!


As a coordinator, you will have to spend to spend Election Day coordinating a large group of observers, observing across Denmark. By joining you will develop competencies in international project coordination and management. Furthermore, you will be able to strengthen your CV in international and project-oriented contexts.

The positions open for application are:

Head of Mission: The tasks of the Head of Mission are primarily to have a general overview of the EOM, and to be responsible for the general contact with the participants. Next to this, the Head of Mission is responsible for the monitoring of observer teams on Election Day and is the main responsible for drafting our EOM report. To become Head of Mission, it is a requirement that you have been on a Silba EOM before.

National Press Officer: The tasks of the Press Officer are primarily to have a general overview of the possibilities to add more communication and press outreach for Silba before, during and after the EOM. This entails communicating with local and international media in order to get as much awareness and outreach regarding Silba’s activities during the mission and on Election Day. Additionally, there will be some ad hoc assignments which the Press Officer should assist with.


National Logistics Coordinator: The Logistics Coordinator is tasked with all issues related to the logistical operations of an EOM. He or she is in charge of managing national logistics and for the managing of communications between the local branches and the international department

Local Logistics Coordinators: As each local observer group will require logistical arrangements, we are looking for a logistics responsible in each local Silba branch, who will coordinate logistical arrangements and ensure good communication between the local branches and the national mission coordinators.

There are additional ad-hoc tasks within the above positions, which in most cases will require teamwork between the different coordinators. Teamwork skills are a necessity.

The workload will be substantial in the weeks before the EOM – especially on election day and the days leading up to it, which you should be prepared for before applying.

All expenses made by the coordinators during the EOM as well as flight tickets will be remunerated by Silba!


  • You have to be a member of Silba to apply. You can become a member here.

  • You are between 18 and 35 years old

  • You are based in Denmark

  • You are available on the  25th and 26th of May

  • You have completed the free OSCE E-Learning course “Comprehensive Course for OSCE/ODIHR Observers” before the EOM begins. You need only to focus on the short-term observation part of the course. If you have completed the course during the last year, it is not a necessity that you complete it again. The course can be found here. 

Previous coordination experience is highly valued. You can apply for several positions. All nationalities are welcome to apply.


Apply by filling the application form by clicking the "Apply here" button at the top of this page. 


Feel free to contact eom@silba.dk if you have any questions regarding the positions or the tasks in relation to the EOM. 


We are looking forward to receiving your application!