Parliamentary Election

North Macedonia


DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Saturday, 22nd of February 2020 at 23.59 CET

WHEN: The election is set to be on the 12th of April 2020. Therefore, the program for coordinators will be from the 6th of April to the 13th of April, where the 6th is an arrival day, and the 13th is debriefing and departure day.  

NB: All expenses incurred by the coordinators during the EOM as well as flight tickets will be remunerated by Silba.

You may know North Macedonia by its rich history, complex national identity or simply as Lonely Planet’s third best travel destination for 2020. After belonging to many empires over time (including Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and most recently Yugoslavian), the country gained its independence in 1991, and now EU and NATO accession talks are on the table. In October the incumbent prime minister Zoran Zaev called for a snap election to be held in April, five months ahead of the regular date in autumn. The snap election was brought about because the promised EU accession talks were blocked by France’s opposition at the European Council, causing a wave of anger and disappointment both in the Balkan nation and among EU officials and leaders who had lobbied hard to open the talks. “Now, the citizens should decide what's next for the Balkan state”, says prime minister Zaev.


Do you want to be in the midst of this election, where Macedonians choose the future for their country? And want to arrange an amazing experience for Silba observers? Then join Silba’s EOM to North Macedonia as a coordinator!

By joining you will develop competences in international project coordination and management. Furthermore, you will be able to strengthen your CV in international and project-oriented contexts.

Requirements to be a coordinator:

  • You have to be a member of Silba to apply. You can become a member here.

  • You have to be available from the 6th of April to the 13th of April.

  • You have completed the free OSCE E-Learning course “Comprehensive Course for OSCE/ODIHR Observers” before the EOM begins. You need only to focus on the short-term observation part of the course. If you have completed the course during the last year, it is not a necessity that you complete it again. The course can be found here. 

  • Knowledge of the local language, in-country experience, and previous coordination experience is not a requirement to be a coordinator, but it is highly valued for all positions. See descriptions below, for position-specific requirements and in-demand skills. 

NB: You can apply for several positions and all nationalities are welcome to apply.

Silba is looking for four coordinators, and the positions open for application are:

Head Coordinator: The tasks of the Head Coordinator are primarily to have the general overview of the EOM, establish contact and cooperate with local partner organizations, establish contact with speakers and set up presentations for the program and be responsible for the general contact with the participants. Alongside that, the Head Coordinator is responsible for the monitoring of observer teams on Election Day and is also responsible for drafting our EOM report. To become Head Coordinator, it is a requirement that you have significant experience with either the region or country, as well as coordinator experience.

Press Officer: The tasks of the Press Officer are primarily to have a general overview of the possibilities to add more communication outreach for Silba before, during and after the EOM. This entails communicating with local and international media in order to get as much awareness and outreach as possible for Silba’s activities during the mission and on Election Day. It also entails keeping up an active social media presence for Silba, on our Facebook, Instagram, and website. Skills and experience in communication and media are desired in this position. 

Logistics Coordinator: The Logistics Coordinator is tasked with all issues related to the logistical operations of an EOM. He or she locates and leases suitable office premises, equipment, communications facilities and also identifies options for accommodation. Speaking the local language, experience with security and the country/capital are competences highly valued in this position.

Financial Coordinator: The Financial Coordinator is responsible for the financial part of the EOM, which means having a general overview of the budget, budget planning, as well as communication about the budget with the rest of the team, especially with the Head Coordinator and Logistics Officer. During the mission, the financial manager is to make sure that the mission does not go over budget by keeping track of all expenses in the form of receipts. The financial coordinator is also responsible for the mission debit card as well as all cash. Experience with accounting or a flair for numbers is sought after in this position. 

There are additional ad-hoc tasks within the above positions, which in most cases will require teamwork between the different coordinators. Teamwork skills are a necessity for all positions.

The workload will be substantial in the weeks before the EOM as well as during the program, which you should be prepared for before applying.

Apply by filling out the application form by clicking the "Apply Here" button at the top of this page. 


Feel free to contact if you have any questions regarding the positions or the tasks in relation to the EOM. 


We are looking forward to receiving your application!

NB: Silba reserves the right to cancel the EOM in case of safety issues at any time. Silba's safety assessment is based on information from open sources and the Danish foreign ministry's travel advice.