Join the Election Observation Team



The Election Observation Mission Department works with the EOM coordinator in executing one of Silba's most important activities, our election observation missions (EOM's)! In this team, we research and plan a biyearly schedule of all countries that Silba aims to host election observation missions in. The EOM department does all the groundwork, they conduct the necessary research, recruiter observers and coordinators, and they manage the ongoing missions. So, if you are interested in learning new competencies and want to join a youth organization in supporting democracy and dialog, then the EOM department is looking for you!

Roles in the Team:


Election Observation Mission Coordinator  

The 'EOM' Coordinator is elected at the general assembly and is responsible for all election observation missions. They are a part of the Main Board of Silba and can establish an election observation team, in which they have the autonomy over.   



The recruiter manages the EOM part of Silba's website, including posting advertisements for coordinator and observer positions, setting up payments for missions, and handling dropouts or cancellations.   
During the planning of election missions, the recruiter establishes contact with the host country to gain accreditation and other relevant papers. They coordinate this activity with the mission manager. Post mission, they will also keep an oversight of the observers and coordinators on our missions, who have performed unsatisfactory or highly satisfying for future use.  


Mission manager

The mission manager acts as a contact for the coordination team while the election mission is being prepared and is ongoing. During this phase, the manager briefs the coordination team on their tasks and how they are to be executed. The manager also informs what the research assistant has received and coordinates with the recruiter (This person can also be the recruiter if needed). During the mission, the mission manager will help the coordination team with questions and administrative needs. In emergencies, the manager acts as the coordinators' contact in Denmark and supports the team in contacting appropriate authorities.   


Research assistant

Helps the EOM coordinator prepare missions by researching candidate countries in terms of the political situation, electoral system, special needs in mission country, etc. The research assistant also helps the EOM coordinator by collecting data from missions to create and publish reports. Lastly, they will help the EOM coordinator create documentation for missions,   
collect feedback and lessons learned from EOM teams to improve the election observation handbook and templates.   

Additional information  

The positions are not necessarily restricted to only one person but can rather be shared by multiple people. The department can take people in who support missions on an ad hoc basis. Mission managers can also be appointed on an ad hoc basis in case they have practical experience with the country.   

We expect that you:

  • are between 18 and 35 years old

  • are a member of Silba. You can become a member here.

  • are communicative and punctual. 

  • are comfortable taking responsibility for your research.

  • It is not a requirement that you have previous experience in monitoring elections, although all experience is highly valued. 

By joining you:

  • will get project management experience

  • strengthen your CV 

  • join a fun and social group

  • exchange views with like-minded youth