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Dear member,

Denmark is opening up again, and so is Silba. The restrictions on public gatherings have been raised from 10 to 50 participants - which is amazing news for us! Now we can finally carry out the Extraordinary General Assembly that we have been planning for so long.


It will take place:  

Tuesday the 7th of July at 11.00    
Gl. Fønsvej 3, 5580 Nørre Aaby


This is a day where you as a member get to use your voice and vote on important matters. This will define our organization in the time to come.  

It is an opportunity for all of us to meet the high democratic standards that we pride ourselves on, and an opportunity to have an open dialogue between members. Our acting chairwoman, Anne Sophie, will also give a brief status report and share some ideas that the main board has been juggling during the lockdown.  

We hope you will take part in Silba’s grand day of democracy and dialogue in practice!  


The planning committee has been working hard, and we have all been waiting patiently... so we deserve a (re)treat:  Summer camp for our Silba Community  

Because it has been so long since we have seen each other, we wanted to celebrate this assembly in a grand summer party style. You are therefore invited to our: 

2020 Summer Reunion  
From Monday the 6th of July until Wednesday the 8th of July  

We will be renting Fønseborg cabin in the middle of Denmark - with time for games and workshops, drinks and dancing, and other fun activities. It will be the event of the year, where we gather old and new members from the Silba community in order to all get to know each other a bit better.  



Important practical information 


Transportation costs will be covered for all our members from local branches in Denmark. Each local branch will arrange transport to the cabin, with arrival on the 6th and departure on the 8th of July. 


***Update, we have gotten Tuborg funding, which means that we are reducing the participation fee from 100DKK to 50DKK! It will cover food for the entire stay***


If you only wish to participate in the Extraordinary General Assembly that is perfectly fine and free of charge.  


To vote at the Extraordinary General Assembly, you need to be a member of Silba. You can become a member here.  


If you have any proposals for discussion at the assembly then send it to Silba's secretariat at no later than June 26th.  


Stay tuned for more information  

The detailed program will be shared on Microsoft Teams and our Facebook event in the following weeks. But do not hesitate to contact us in English or Danish, if you have any questions. 

We look forward to seeing you at our Summer Reunion! 



Kind regards,  

Silba - Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy 

Frederiks Allé 112b, 8000 Aarhus C 



M: +45 28775332