VOBY -Voice Of Bosnian Youth

Long term civil-society project supported by DUF

“One of our main goals with Silba's project is that we want to encourage the Bosnian youth into becoming more involved and more proactive in society and know their rights in the country’s very confusing political system. Silba, therefore, aims to work with the younger population in Sarajevo, which is soon to be legally adult and can vote or are above 18 years of age. This group is in need of good guidance on how to use their democratic rights and through process-learning, both Silba and the Bosnian youth will get an understanding of the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the youth will get more opportunities to influence the political system in the country. The current political situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina is characterized by ethnic divisions, and nationalistic sentiments creating divides in the population. Therefore, we believe that a goal towards a more politically conscious and united younger generation is necessary if Bosnia-Herzegovina is to look forward to a brighter and more stable future. By initiating this project, we want to contribute to a positive development of the political consciousness of the Bosnian youth across ethnicity and religion. We also hope for the project to inspire similar ideas that can help contribute to pro-democratic development in other countries where democratic institutions are lacking.

The VOBY Team