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What is an EOM?

Election Observation Missions (EOM's) are at the core of our activities.

We arrange EOM's as part of the work we do to support democratic institutions and organizations. On an EOM the main task is to observe the polling stations on Election Day and note signs of problematic procedures, unrest or fraudulent behaviour. Local translators will assist you. Because of our many years of experience, Silba has build a comprehensive election observation methodology, which helps our observations doing the job as international observeres in the most professional manner.


In addition to the actual observing on Election Day, the program of our EOM's is filled with exciting lectures about the history and culture of the country we are in, as well as lectures on the political climate, institutions and electoral system. It is primarily an educational program, but there is time to socialize with the other participants over food and beer.

Our extensive experience in conducting EOM's will guarantee you a great and meaningful trip which will improve your curriculum.

Since 2003 Silba has completed 47 EOM's in 15 countries.


Practical information

To participate in our EOM's you must be at least 18 years old.

You have to be a member of Silba.

You don’t need previous experience in monitoring elections.

Before the EOM starts, you have to pass the OSCE E-Learning course for "Short Term Election Observers".

It is a requirement that you, in some way or another, inform about the EOM when you get back home.

The price for an EOM is normally a 250 euro participant fee which covers insurance, accomodation, food, expenses for the program and local transportation in the country. In addition you pay for your own plane ticket. We stress that all of our activities are non-profit, which means all of the money will go only to cover the costs you as a participant represent.

Future Election Observation Missions will be posted as events on Facebook where you will find specific information on each EOM.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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