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What does Silba do exactly?

I am an international student. Can I apply for Silba’s missions?

Do I need previous experience to apply for Silba’s election observation missions?

What do  you do exactly if you join Silba on a short-term election observation mission?

What is the difference between coordinators and applicants?

What does the application process contain?

Where can I find the upcoming election observation missions that Silba organizes?

Silba focuses on democracy on bridge building, and has election observation missions as a core activity. Thereby, Silba also organizes different academic and social activities related to our area of interest: from international seminars to movie nights and beer tastings.

Yes, absolutely! Silba invites everyone who is a student or young professional and supports our goals. With a sister organization (EDDA) in Norway and a growing branch in The Netherlands, Silba is becoming ever more international. Our last EOM had participants from 10 different nationalities!

No, you don’t need previous experience. One of Silba’s goals is to make election observations accessible for young people. We welcome everyone who is curious and willing to learn more about culture, politics, elections, democracy and bridge building.

 If you join Silba on one of our missions, it means you will be part of young and open-minded group of people, who would like to learn more about democracy the  and different aspects of the country of the EOM. On an academic level, you will visit interesting organizations and participate in seminars. On a social level, you get some free time to explore the country, meet the locals, try new food and get to know each other. You sign up for an informative and fun experience that is great for your CV!

Coordinators are the ones that organize the EOM for our participants. Normally the coordinators are 3-5 people, depending the country of the EOM. Participants are the ones who join our program, visit the lectures and information meetings and observe during election day. Afterwards, participants share their EOM experiences in whatever way they see fit (for example, by writing an article about it in a student magazine or make a short video) to promote the work of Silba.

If you apply for one of our missions (both as coordinator or participant), we ask you to write a short motivation and upload your CV. You can apply for multiple positions if you want and you will hear from us shortly after the application deadline. Keep in mind that you don’t receive a confirmation after applying. If you receive an e-mail of acceptance, we ask you to take the OSCE course for election observers.





Silba always posts the upcoming missions on Facebook and our homepage. Follow us on Facebook and stay up to date at all times!

We also post the missions and project that are open for sign ups on our site get involved.