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We hereby invite you to join the Silba National Congress 2020, where the General Assembly for Silba Denmark 2020 will be held.

According to article 8, section 1 of Silba’s article of association the highest authority of the association is the general assembly, which is held every year before the end of March.
To vote at the General Assembly you need to be a member of Silba. You can become a member here

The National Congress 2020 will be held the 22th of February 2020 in Sønderborg

!!The precise address will come soon!!​

Program of the National Congress:

11.30-12.00 Arrival, coffee and networking
12.00-12.10 Opening of the General Assembly 2020
12.10-13.30 First part of General Assembly 2020 has the following program (as stated in the Articles of Association):

1. Election of chairman, keeper of the minutes and counting assistants.
2. Report by the National Chairman.
3. The treasurer will present the already audited and submitted accounting.
4. Consideration of political and organisational proposals.
5. Consideration of proposed amendments of the articles of association.
6. Determination of the individual membership fees for the following year.
a) Determination of membership fees for individuals under 35 years.
b) Determination of membership fees for individuals that are 35 years and older.

13.30-15.00 Lunch break

15.00-17.00. Second part of General Assembly 2019 has the following program (as stated in the Articles of Association):

7. Elections of the Executive Committee:
a) Election of National Chairman
b) Election of Vice Chairman for the Executive Committee
c) Election of Treasurer (Financial Manager)
d) Election of International Project Coordinator
e) Election of International Elections Observation Coordinator
f) Election of National Secretary
g) Election of five non-executive members
h) Election of two deputies for the Executive Committee

8. Election of two members for the positions as internal auditors. They review the accounts of the association from the standpoint of fairness and good practice in the management of the association’s finances.
9. Election of auditor.
10. Other matters.

17.00-17.10 Concluding General Assembly
17.10-22.00 Celebration of Silba 25th anniversary

Note: Proposals for discussion at the general assembly under items 4 and 5 of the agenda must be submitted to Silba’s secretariat no later than ten days before the general meeting and must no later than eight days be sent via e-mail to the voting members, provided that they have given their e-mail address.


Travelling costs will be covered for members of Silba from the local branches of Aalborg, Aarhus, Roskilde, Odense and Copenhagen, by joining the shared transportation planned by your local branch. More information to follow.

The Articles of Association can be found here

Do not hesitate to write us in English or Danish if you have any questions.

Silba - Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy
​Frederiks Allé 112b, 8000 Aarhus C

M: +45 21779968