International involvement in Silba

Do you want to travel while learning? Do you want to exchange good practices and experiences with other young people? Or maybe strengthen your CV on project-management and coordination? Then you should engage internationally in Silba!
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STUDEM – Step up for democracy, long term project in Moldova

Working with young people in the age between 16 and 35 in Balti, the project has developed a forum for young people to express their opinions and learn about democratic practises. Through process-learning, the moldovan youth is introduced to democratic functions based on dialogue, credible accountability, and cooperation

VOBY – Voice of Bosnian youth

The current political situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina is characterized by ethnic divisions, and nationalistic sentiments creating divides in the population. Therefore, we believe that a goal towards a more political conscious and united younger generation is necessary if Bosnia-Herzegovina is to look forward to a brighter and more stable future. By initiating this project, we want to contribute to a positive development of the political consciousness of the Bosnian youth across ethnicity and religion