Main Board


Anne Sophie Lyskjær Noer

I am the strategic leader in charge of setting a course and steering Silba towards our overall vision true to our values - with everyone on board!


Niels Søndergaard

As the organizational vice president

I focus on practical matters, initiate new projects and give guidance to the national and local committees.


Emma Klint Hansen

I manage and oversee Silba's finances to make sure everything is in order. I also help with funding, both nationally and locally.


Kristian Siig Jacobsen

I am head of the Election Observation Mission Committee and hold the general responsibility of it. I ensure Silba’s activities in regard to our EOMs internationally.


Justina Macijauskaitė

I am head of the International Projects Committee. I coordinate and scout for opportunities to collaborate with youth abroad. And

we are always open to new projects!

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Kristoffer Gadeberg

I am in charge of making content with outreach and information. So I am essentially building a communicative bridge between Silba and you.




Snorre Anker Erngaard

 My job is to create initiatives that strengthen the sense of community in Silba and bring people together across the country as well as helping the local branches in an organizational capacity.


Oliver Angelo Larsen

My main role in Silba is focused on national activities and communication.


Ida Strandberg Jølle

My role in Silba is focused on our national activities, participating in Main Board meetings, providing inputs, and assisting the Community Manager.