Call for Applications to Moldova project STUDEM


Silba is seeking team-oriented members for our International Project ‘STUDEM’ (Step Up For Democracy). Within this team, you will have a unique and exciting opportunity to work with our international project located in Balti, Moldova by:

  • Creating strategies and goals for future projects for either short-term (6 month- 1 year) or longterm projects (between 2-3 years)

  • Developing workshops and seminars

  • Maintaining and devising a budget plan

  • Working in a multicultural environment

  • Traveling abroad

  • Developing skills in project writing, management, and development

  • Expanding your CV with international experience



Positions require approximately 10-15 hours of work each month, depending on the magnitude of the project process and the length of the application. Yearly travel within Denmark and abroad is compulsory, and no prior experience is necessary.
The working languages are English and Danish.

What we look for:

  • Reliability

  • A team-player

  • Detail-oriented

  • Good character

  • Self-motivator

The deadline for applying is Tuesday, 30th of June 2020, at 23:59 CET.

To apply, please provide a maximum 500-word motivation letter to the International Project Coordinator, Signe Niebuhr at:, describing your determination to join our international project team.

Feel free to write to if you have questions. For more information about our work, see

Thank you, and we look forward to your application!