In Silba Aalborg we are working on extending people’s knowledge of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Caucasus through debates, talks and it’s like. It has resulted in exciting events such as lectures on the Danish military effort in Kosovo, the relationship between Russia and Ukraine, and the events on the Maidan Square in Kiev. Our activities always have an educational aspect, but we also try to make it as social as possible.

Board members


Peter Truong

Board members:

Majbritt Dalgaard

Morten Eneberg Nielsen

Niklas Marcel Kristensen

Assel Aleshpokova

Jonas Quazzani

How to get involved:

The General Assembly of Silba Aalborg is beeing held every February, where you can come if you are interested in becoming active in Silba Aalborg or just want to hear more about our work. Do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or write silba.iaalborg@gmail.com