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Frederiks Allé 112b

8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

CVR: 19155749

+45 21 77 99 68 (Mon-Thu 9-16, Fri 9-14)


In Silba Aarhus we arrange events two or three times a month. At least half of the events in Silba Aarhus have an academic content as it is crucial for us to provide citizens of Aarhus more knowledge about our area of interest. As a result we have held a lot of exciting academic events.

Board members


Mathias Albertsen

Board members:

Mathias Laugesen

Philip Jensen

Jens Haugaard Rasmussen

Jasmina Mehakovic

Pavlo Rudenko

Kathrine Raabjerg

Elma Omukic

How to get involved:

Silba Aarhus holds its annual General Assembly in February, where the new board is elected for one year. If one is not elected, the board of Silba Aarhus has a group of active members who are organizing events on a regular basis.

Don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook or write silba.aarhus@gmail.com