At Silba Aarhus, our mission is to expand cross-cultural understanding and interaction in Europe and neighboring countries. Through Silba's Election Observation Missions, we like to host events that can build upon our knowledge and experiences with these countries. We like to host lectures and social gatherings such as Christmas lunches and Tasting Eastern Europe events. Additionally, we often collaborate with other youth organizations to broaden our horizons and diversify our activities.

Board members


Michelle Luo Hansen

Board members:

Steffen Tornbjerg

Simon Lindholm Jürgensen

Mara Lapsele

Oliver Bonnevie

Signe Düring

Frederik Rixen

How to get involved:

Silba Aarhus holds its annual General Assembly in February, where the new board is elected for one year. If one is not elected, the board of Silba Aarhus has a group of active members who are organizing events on a regular basis.

Don't hesitate to contact us on Facebook or write us on silba.aarhus@gmail.com