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Frederiks Allé 112b

8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

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+45 21 77 99 68 (Mon-Thu 9-16, Fri 9-14)


Silba Fyn has the purpose of extending people’s knowledge of Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Caucasus through talks, debates, movie nights and it’s like. The activities are held in Odense, and throughout the past year we have had talks on Putin’s Russia by Erik Kulavig, on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian election and on the relationship between Moldova and Romania, just to give examples. We try to make the activities both educating and social at the same time.

Board members


Alexander Rossen-Jørgensen

Board members:

Rasmus Fries Sørensen

Emily Stevens

Niels Sunddal Bugge

Peter Bo Blanner

Kaltrina Shala

How to get involved:

You can always contact us on our e-mail silba.fyn@gmail.com, or go to our Facebook page Silba Fyn, if you are interested in becoming active, or you want to know more about the organization.