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Michael Sams Eschelsen

Board members:

Nikoline Korsager

Nicklas Andersen

Kristian Aaen Thomsen

Sara Rosa Köhler Levin

Henriette Kudahl

Benjamin Bertram

Snorre Anker Erngaard

Laura Skammelsen


Silba Fyn has the purpose of extending people’s knowledge of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Caucasus through talks, debates, movie nights and it’s like. The activities are held in Odense, and throughout the past year, we have had talks on the current status of the liberal democracy and how the media play a role, with Clement Kjærsgaard. We have hosted several pre-Election Observation Mission events with presentations from previous election observers and coordinators. We have had social events, where we have held an Eastern European cuisine night, a Serbian wine tasting and we have a lot more planned to come. We try to make the activities both educating and social at the same time.

How to get involved:

You can always contact us on our e-mail, or go to our Facebook page Silba Fyn if you are interested in becoming active, or you want to know more about the organization.

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