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Step Up for Democracy

Long-term Project in Balti, Moldova

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It is a youth-led center in Balti, Moldova. It was established in the partnership between CREEDD and Silba. The center is managed by a board of 11 democratically chosen young people between the ages of 12 and 30.


STUDEM aims to strengthen youth democracy in Balti through the establishment and coordination of youth initiatives as political schools, debate clubs, youth councils, and local partnerships. The initiative strives to strengthen Moldovan democracy by empowering young people in rural Moldova to express their thoughts, understand their rights, and participate in their local communities.


The project has developed a forum for young people to express their opinions and learn about democratic practices and processes. This strategy of process-learning trains young people in democratic principles based on dialogue, accountability, and cooperation. The entire project takes a broad focus on voluntarism, equality and transparency, in order to create a lasting democratic perception amongst the participants. 


The initiative was launched in 2016 where the project-group started cooperating with 10 schools in Balti to strengthen and introduce youth councils. Since then, more and more young people have been involved as participants, board-members, club-managers or supporters. A long-term goal for the project is also to help create a network between the participating youth councils through a series of networking events that started in November 2018. 


The daily operation of the initiative is done by a project group consisting of Moldovan coordinators from the youth centerboard and Danish coordinators from Silba. These coordinators are paired on specific areas of importance, so every aspect is overseen by both partners. This is done both to ensure that the project remains a joint venture, but also as a goal in itself to increase the cultural exchange between Moldovan and Danish participants to learn from each other. 

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