Changes made due to COVID-19

Dear Silba members,

I am sure that many of you are watching the news and are aware that the Danish Government has decided to suspend non-vital operations because of COVID-19.

We see that governments in North Macedonia and Serbia are taking the same precautions, and we do not expect this to change in the near future. Therefore, Silba has decided to suspend all our EOM activity until we see a clear indication that COVID-19 is going into remission.

This decision was not taken lightly, but current indications are that the missions we had planned would be logistically impossible.


We hope all of you stay safe and will join us on missions again as soon as this crisis is over.


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Who we are

Silba – Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy, is a non-profit and cross-political youth organization that works for democracy and bridge-building.

What we do

In Denmark, we offer a variety of academic and social activities. 

Internationally, we organize Election Observation Missions several times a year. Since 2003 Silba has completed 51 EOM's in 17 countries.

Furthermore, we regularly engage in international seminars about key issues in our area of interest.

Why it is important

In Silba we believe in democracy with the right to free, fair and transparent elections. Through our work with young people and our Election Observation Missions, we wish to support democratic participation and strengthen civil liberties throughout civil society across our focus area: Europe and neighboring countries. This is important because it supports the foundation for a life in freedom and safety for our fellow citizens of the world


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